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“With my book I AM BEAUTY, I want to put women 40+ in a brighter spotlight where they belong and which they deserve. I also want to inspire women to be themselves and not thinking they need to pull back in style and makeup in certain age. Be visible and enjoy yourself and your own unique beauty. You are beauty!”

— Riku Campo

I Am Beauty

Harper Collins Publisher

“[Karen Williams] is a vocal and visible advocate for the cause, appearing alongside her 80-year-old mother for H&M, as well as in makeup artist Riku Campo’s upcoming book, which celebrates women 40 and over. Changing the narrative is key.”

— Vogue US April 2020

“At an age when your list of required makeup and skincare products typically increases, you notice that there isn’t much representation of older women in the beuaty market. This project set out to expand the conversation and celebrate women of every age.”

— Samantha Rapp

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